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Learn Safe Drive Safe approved driving instructor in Barnsley and SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership has identified that the biggest killer of young people and cause of serious injury in Sheffield is not drink, drugs or crime, it is road crashes. In conjunction with a core group of local Approved Driving Instructors, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership has established the Learn Safe Drive Safe scheme aimed specifically at our younger drivers to tackle this major problem.

As part of that core group of instructors, Freeway School of Motoring is committed to working with our local authorities with the aim of reducing the exceptionally high number of young driver fatalities and serious injuries that occur every year on our roads.

Learn Safe Drive Safe coaches young drivers to be better, safer drivers

Delivered alongside the normal driving lesson, and at no additional cost, this scheme focuses the young driver on several key aspects of their driving and behaviour:

                                    Speed                           Influence of Others

                                    Alcohol                          Tiredness

                                    Distractions                    Self Evaluation

Through a series of micro-lessons, young drivers are asked for their opinions and thoughts regarding the above topics before being given a short piece of homework that they are expected to complete and return with on the next lesson (this should take no more than a few minutes).

By having the pupil think about his or her actions, the aim is to highlight that they do have a choice as to how they drive and behave on the road once they have passed. More importantly, how those actions can affect other road users, their friends and their families. Preparing them for the reality of today’s roads and other drivers, hopefully means that they will not form part of those young driver accident and casualty statistics.

Only those instructors who have received the additional training from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership can deliver the Learn Safe Drive Safe scheme. If you want your sons and daughters to get the safest possible start to their driving career then contact Freeway School of Motoring to arrange lessons.

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