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Are you looking for cheap driving lessons

in Barnsley or Sheffield?

Or are you looking for the best value

quality driving lessons in Barnsley or Sheffield?

There is a major difference!

Do you think that the cheapest driving lessons will offer you the best value?

Let’s get one thing clear from the start, I do not offer cheap driving lessons. In fact, I am pretty certain that there are other driving schools in Barnsley and Sheffield that are charging less than my lesson prices. I ought to apologise now if that’s why you came to this page, but wait, before you go off searching for cheap lessons let me pose you a few questions.

If some of the really cheap driving lesson offers you see advertised in Barnsley and Sheffield appear too good to be true - they probably are. The problem for you is trying to compare prices without knowing whether you will learn more from instructor A or from instructor B.

Of course there may be a valid reason for an instructor in Barnsley or Sheffield to be offering cheap lesson rates. They may be new to the area and are trying to build up their business, but will they know the areas of the test routes well enough to hi-light where learner drivers can encounter problems?

You cannot beat experience and knowledge,

and just like the best things in life, it’s priceless!!

An instructor, or a school with several instructors, may be struggling for work due to giving bad service. I accept that this may not always be the case, we live in tough economic times, but choosing a cheap instructor in Barnsley or Sheffield could result in it costing you more in the long run if you end up changing instructors time and time again because of the poor service you receive.

Would you rather be driving for the majority of your lesson,

or would you prefer to be sat looking at diagrams whilst

the instructor has you parked up in ‘fuel saving mode’?

You may be being taught by a trainee instructor rather than a fully qualified one. Ask to see their badge, a trainee should have a pink triangular one on display whereas a fully qualified instructor like me, will have a green octagonal badge. If they have neither, then chances are they are teaching illegally and you may not be insured if there is an accident.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, the people that set the driving test, recommend that a candidate presenting themselves for test will have a better chance if they have had, on average, a minimum of 45 hours of professional tuition combined with 22 hours private practice. Think about it, 45 hours is less than a weekends worth of driving experience. Would you feel happy being told that the pilot of your holiday flight had qualified with less than 2 days practice? Once you have passed your test, there will be few, if any, occasions when someone will reassess your driving skills.

Is it not worth those extra few pounds to be certain that you are getting the best instruction in a skill that will be with you for a long time,

and more importantly, may just save your life one day?

Do you really want the cheapest driving lesson rate in Barnsley or Sheffield, or do you want the best value course of lessons? A course that will not only teach you what you need to know to pass the driving test, but coach you to be a better, safer driver on today’s road network, particularly in a busy towns and cities like Barnsley and Sheffield.

Contact Freeway School of Motoring today where I strive to offer

great QUALITY driving lessons at great QUALITY prices.

Remember, cheap is not always good
and good is not always cheap.

© 2019 Freeway School of Motoring

Cheap driving lessons in Sheffield

Cheap Driving Lessons

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”

- Aldo Gucci

“The sweetness of quality driving lessons at a quality price lasts a lifetime”

- Freeway School of Motoring

Don't be frustrated by poor quality driving lessons, contact Freeway School of Motoring DVSA PDI and ADI Badges Practical driving test pass certificate