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Freeway School of Motoring - Driving Lessons in Barnsley

Did you know that as many as six out of every ten people who take their driving test fail?

With such a low level pass rate, many young learners might think that the driving test is too difficult.

Handing over the car keys.Official statistics indicate that national pass rates are averaging out at about 42%. The DVSA suggests that those who pass successfully have taken approximately 45 hours of professional driving lessons in addition to plenty of private practice. Recent surveys have said this will cost well over £1,300. Compare that with 32 hours in 1988 when driving lesson rates were much less.

However, should we really be surprised at these figures? The driving test itself is now much more demanding of a candidate than ever before and is becoming more complex. In 1996 the theory test was introduced and there has been a steady increase in the complexity of the required manoeuvres and tests. It is already planned that over the next few years there will be more changes to the test. For example, in 2010 the independent driving element was introduced, and this has subsequently changed to include the use of a sat-nav.

On average a driving test takes 40 minutes, ten minutes or so more than it lasted not that long ago. Some may argue that a longer, more difficult driving test will be a significant factor in reducing casualties amongst young drivers and increasing road safety.

However, it is not merely the more complicated driving test that has affected pass results in recent time. Roads have changed over the last few decades, they are much more complicated, more road markings and many more road signs, couple this with the huge rise in traffic volumes.

Underestimating the number of driving lessons they need is one of the main reasons why young drivers feel so aggrieved. Whereas in years gone by it might have been possible to pass with just a handful of driving lessons and plenty of practice, if we are to seriously consider their safety and that of all other road users, it is imperative that they get the correct tuition. A really good instructor will put their pupils in for a driving test only when they have shown they have the correct aptitude and attitude to pass.

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