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Pass Plus

Once you have successfully passed your driving test in Barnsley, you will probably be looking forward to driving on your own. However, did you know that in the first year of driving one in five newly qualified drivers will be involved in some sort of motoring accident.


One of the main reasons is a lack of experience. Particularly vulnerable are new young drivers. While they account for only 10% of licence holders, they are much more vulnerable to accidents, being involved in approximately 20% of accidents where there is an injury.

To address this important road safety issue, the Pass Plus scheme was introduced to provide further training for new drivers. It is backed by the DVSA and builds upon the skills you acquired enabling you to pass the driving test.

By developing your awareness and positive driving skills, it should enable you to become a safer and better driver. As a result of this, some insurance companies will offer a discount on your motor insurance policy (subject to insurance companies terms and conditions).

Pass Plus course with Freeway School of MotoringThe course involves a minimum of six hours further training in and around Barnsley and Sheffield, and comprises six modules. Following an introduction to the Pass Plus course these are:

The cost of the Pass Plus course is £210.00 for the recommended six hours training.

Further information can be found at the Pass Plus website by clicking here.

Details of how to get in touch to arrange a booking for a Pass Plus course here in Barnsley, or for more information, can be found on the Contact page of this website.