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UK full and provisional driving licencesThe current UK driving test comprises two parts - a theory test and a practical test. However, the theory test actually consists of two separate tests, one testing a candidates knowledge of the rules of the road, and a second part testing their reaction to typical road hazards.

Providing you hold a valid provisional driving licence, you can apply to take the theory test. However, you can start studying for this at any time.

You can apply for your provisional licence no earlier than 2 months before your 17th birthday using a form D1 available at most Post Offices or via the GOV.UK website by clicking here.

Since 1 July 1997 every new driver who passes their driving test is subject to The Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995. Under this act, new drivers are subject to a probationary period of two years from the date they pass their test.

If, within these first two years, a new driver has 6 or more penalty points applied to their licence, then the licence is revoked. It is worth noting that any points that were on the provisional licence are carried forward onto the full licence.

The UK Driving Test

Once a licence is revoked, the new driver must re-apply for a provisional licence. This will be issued but will include the endorsed points. The driver will revert back to learner status and have to display L plates, and will have to sit both the theory and practical tests once more. Once they have subsequently passed the tests, their new full licence will be issued, again with the points applied, and these shall remain until the third anniversary of the conviction.

It is worth remembering these facts as the licence is by no means easy to obtain, it is however, extremely easy to have taken away. Consider this, two speeding offences at just over the regulated speed limit, or one offence of using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving could incur those 6 points.

Free online theory test package courtesy of Freeway School of Motoring